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Got winkled Carpet?

 Carpet Repair, Specializing in Restretching Carpets 

We, at Restretch-It Incorporated, are well-versed in all carpet repair.  By far, the most common problem is wrinkled carpets. As a result, we’re building a team specializes in stretching carpet.buckled wrinkled carpet wrinkled buckled carpet in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, NC.

If your carpet has wrinkled or buckled, it was most likely not installed properly. According to the Carpet and Rug institute in Dalton Ga., where 45% of all carpets in the world are manufactured, standards exist for proper carpet installation. Their recommended procedures call for all carpeting to be power-stretched when installed.  Enough tension is then placed on the carpet at installation so that, as it relaxes, it will maintain sufficient tension.

Over time,  fluctuating indoor temperatures, humidity, and continual traffic causes it to expand and relax repeatedly. The tension has to be sufficient to maintain its shape.  The following ‘before and after’ slides illustrate how power stretching restores carpets to their proper flatness. 

 As seen in the ‘before’ photos, without proper tension the carpet will loosen, wrinkle and buckle. Carpet stretching. Stretching carpet best.

In most cases today, carpet layers don’t use the power-stretching process. Their into quick money. It takes to much extra time to set-up power stretcher. They employ a procedure called kick stretching, shown to the left. There are aspects of carpet laying in which this method is required, but only to position the carpet in place before hooking it to strips. It’s not the same as stretching the carpet. The problem exist that no tension is placed on the carpet, allowing it to go through the process of relaxing without adequate tension. Thus, it ripples and becomes baggy. This technique has become the standard installation procedure for most carpet layers, mainly because it’s cheaper, easier and faster.

Power stretching, seen to the right, takes more time, more work, more effort than kick stretching.  It takes skill, knowledge of seaming, and knowing where to place the tensions.  It’s this work that’s necessary to get the kind of performance from your carpet over years. 

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