About Us

My name is Jimmy. I’m the founder of Restretch-it.  In 1991, I started a carpet cleaning business called Action Carpet Cleaning. I ran that business for nearly a decade. During that time I learned a lot in the way of carpet repair. Among the problems I saw were color fading, seams coming apart, holes made by pets, and loosening, wrinkled carpets. I learned an assortment of skills to fix them all.  And I became pretty good at it. I dyed the carpets throughout whole houses. I patched holes and seams. The more I learned, the more there was to learn. But after nearly ten years, I gave up the business and began working in a different field, as a Registered Nurse. In 2017, after 15 years away from the business my brother  asked if I could fix the buckle in his carpet.  I said sure. So, I got my old equipment out and went to work.  Best carpet stretcher in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, NC.

During that visit, we talked about my past experiences in the carpet cleaning business and I told him that of all the problems I’ve seen during my decade in business, wrinkled carpets was the most prevalent. And it was all because of improper installation. It was at this point I recognized the need for a specialized service that restored carpet tension. That’s what led to the formation of the Restretch-it brand. High Point, Greensboro, Winston Salem

During my many years cleaning and repairing, I learned that anyone can clean your carpet, but it takes a specialist to fix what a professional carpet layer has made difficult. That’s what Restretch-it is, a specialized company. Point NC.

Restretch-it is an incorporated entity headquartered in High Point, NC.  However, we cover the entire Piedmont Triad; High Point, Greensboro,  Winston Salem, and surrounding areas. Recently, we’ve opened services to the Raleigh/Durham area. Call us today at one of our locations.