It’s not just your equipment: I know you say it’s the powerstretcher, but you can’t discount your skills in doing this. Your good at this..                                              Janet D., High Point NC,  11/28/18

You’ve got skills…: After seeing how our technician transformed the whole house of wrinkled carpet to tight and smooth carpet, homeowner said, “You’ve got skills.”                                                                                                                                                             Mike M., North Raleigh NC, 10/12/18

The way you move furniture: I need to hire you to help me move. You handle the furniture so well. Do you do that??                                                                                        Janice R., Kernersville NC, 9/7/2018

You are a man of your word: I could tell when you walked in the door and around the house that you were a man of your word. You moved all the furniture and tightened the carpet up just like you said. I’ll tell my friends about your service.                                                                                                                                                                 Shelia T., Raleigh NC,  9/6/2018

I never knew that a service existed like this: We needed it but wasn’t actively looking; then we saw the ad in the News&Observer. We called right away. Thanks for coming so soon.                                                                                                                               Don B., Durham NC,  9/6/2018

A straight forward Man: 1) You showed up on time; 2) You did what you said you would do; and 3) You did a good job. I didn’t know anyone did this type of work. Thank you.                                                                                                                                                Jeff S., Raleigh NC, 8/30/2018

It’s like magic! It look so bad before. Now it looks like new. I didn’t know your industry even existed! Thank you so much…

Brandi J, Winston Salem NC, 7/30/2018

Before: I’m selling my house and needed to get the wrinkles out of my carpet. I didn’t know that anyone did this service. My realtor didn’t either. After: If I knew it was this simple, I would have looked to do this long time ago. My realtor needs to know about your service. Would you please text her the before and after pics.

Jo Ann V., Advance NC, 7/26/2018

Woopy! I don’t have anymore bumps in my carpet!: I’ve had these bumps for 10 years. It’s amazing that there gone that quick. Now all I have to do is clean it and I’ll have new carpet!

Jan D., Elon NC, 6/27/18

He even got the wrinkles out Ms….. stumbled over: A church in Winston Salem has so many wrinkles through out the hall, the pastor was so impressed with the restretching he giggled about how many wrinkles were actually gone, he told the secretary, “he even got the wrinkle Ms….. stumbled over”.  He was so pleased. They even invited me to come to their church.

Pastor Willie, Winston Salem, 5/8/20018

I’ve been looking for a carpet stretcher: Hi. My carpet has been down for 19 years, but still in good shape. I called the carpet dealer who laid it; a popular dealer in High Point. They said they could let a carpet layer know you need restretching done. After three weeks I hadn’t heard from them so I called back. The dealer said that they forgot all about it and never did call a carpet layer about it. I suppose they only wanted to sell carpet, not Restretch-it. So, I gave up on them. One day I saw the ad in the High Point Enterprise for carpet stretching. I called and Restretch-it did a great job on my whole house. 

Rick M, High Point, NC, 2/26/18

A job well done: Hi I wanted to let everyone know how great a job Restretch-it did for me. A couple of years ago I had new carpet laid. A little over a year latter my carpet started buckling. I called the dealer and they sent the guy out that laid it. He used a kick stretcher, but it didn’t do much. And he charged $140 for two rooms. I was very disappointed. So I found the company, Restretch-it I found in the Newspaper. They set up a power stretcher and tightened the whole carpet. They took about an 1 1/2 inches off the length. It looked great. 

Doug W., Greensboro, NC, 1/8/18

I didn’t think anyone did this: I called Restretch-it 3 weeks in advance. I had a lot of questions being that they were a new company. They answered all of them and gave me references. I called them and got great recommendations. I watched the technician do the work and he encouraged me to look. I wanted to see what they actually did. I was impressed that one could take 2 inches right off the edge of the carpet. It actually saved me lots of money. I was going to replace my carpet. I thanked him a lot. 

Vera D., Thomasville, NC, 3/7/18

My husband is is an 80 year old retired engineer: He did some research about carpet stretching after seeing the ad for Restretch-it. He thought about doing it himself. But after looking at the renting cost of the equipment with all the tools needed, he decided it wasn’t worth it. After watching Restretch-it do it, the skill needed and the hard work of moving furniture, he knew he made the right choice. Restretch-it did a great job.

Mrs. Makiitka., Clemons, NC, 2/7/18

My calls went as high as to the VP: I bought my carpet at a large hardware supply chain two years ago. (no names mentioned. There’s only two in High Point.) After a year it started rippling.  I called them to come back and stretch it. I got no where. I got all the way to a VP. I was at my wits end. I finally saw an ad in the High Point Enterprise for carpet stretching. I called them and they fixed it in a short time. 

Cheryl B., High Point, NC, 3/28/2018

I’ve been looking for a carpet stretcher for 10 years: I’ve asked everyone, carpet cleaners and dealers. No one did carpet stretching. When I saw your ad in Winston Salem Journal I was so excited. I asked how long you have been in business because I’ve been looking so long, 10 years. I’l refer you to others.

Amy W., Winston Salem, NC 4/4/2018